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Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake weight loss programs out there that aren’t near to being true, they are blatantly not correct, but for people getting into weight loss, these fake concepts can trick them.

The selfish companies who do this come up with “Lose Weight in 1-day” programs all due to their love for money, don’t let these fabricated weight loss schemes fool you.

In this article, I will give you 3 of the biggest weight loss myths and why you should avoid them now, who knows, you may have believed one of them…

1.The “Best” Diet

Everyone hunts for that “best” diet to help them lose weight quickly. It’s quite normal as most people are fairly impatient and want everything quickly.

The thing is, there is no “best” diet and I hate to break it you, but dieting will NOT help you lose weight in the long -term, here’s why:

  • Dieting restricts you to eating certain foods, chances are you will not enjoy the foods, or you may react badly to them.
  • Dieting doesn’t consider the amount of exercise you do every day.
  • People may have little time on their hands and will likely struggle following the diet.

If you haven’t already guessed, we are all different, so if you see campaigns that state their diet can make you lose weight in 5 days, ignore it.

The question is, what do you do?

Instead of dieting, you should start making eating healthily a lifestyle more than a chore, you don’t want to find losing weight difficult, you want it to be an enjoyable process.

Try to focus more on the long-term process, more than the short-term process. We are all somewhat impatient, and I get that you want to lose weight quickly.

But, take a step back, think about this process and start properly this time.

To make your own nutrition plan, start with the foods that you enjoy, are they healthy? If that answer is no, that’s fine.

This is a gradual process, what you should do is gradually tweak your meals.

For example: If you enjoy a Hamburger and chips, start to slowly remove the bun and then add some sweet potato wedges instead of chips and then some broccoli or some other vegetables.

But, what you need to ensure is that your healthy lifestyle follows this checklist:

  • Eat more high-quality and less-processed foods to keep you satiated/full.
  • Exercise Regularly – Eating healthy as well as exercising is essential.
  • Eat more Nutrient-Dense foods e.g. Whole Grains or meats.
  • You must enjoy the foods that you are eating.
  • Remove nutrient deficiencies.
  • Pay more attention to what you eat.

If you can follow this checklist, I can almost guarantee that you’ll be on the road to losing weight, and also, you’ll be feeling a lot happier.

2. Weight-loss Supplements

All over the internet, there are these weight loss supplement companies that claim that using their weight loss supplements work, they will use all sorts of techniques to get your attention…

Sadly, the marketing campaigns do trick some people into buying these weight loss supplements, they normally do this by trying to relate to people trying to lose weight as much as they can.

There are many studies out there that talk about the problems with weight loss supplements.

Like the National Institute of Health who concluded that weight loss supplements are likely not to work and its best to stick to a healthy eating plan.

Why should you avoid Weight loss Supplements?

All of the popular weight loss supplements out there like orlistat and pyruvate contribute little to nothing when it comes to losing weight.

What’s even worse is that taking weight loss supplements can lead to dangerous side effects like stomach upsets.

Another study from the US National Library of Medicine concluded that weight loss and muscle building supplements are more of a threat because they are extremely likely to be contaminated.

To sum up, please AVOID weight loss supplements, as most of them will not help you lose weight and it’s best to stick to a healthy eating plan.

3. Weight loss is a direct path

When you start on your weight loss journey, you must understand that losing weight isn’t a linear process.

If you can realise that weight loss isn’t a direct path, then you will find it easier to lose weight, because not seeing results won’t get you down as badly.

Losing weight is tricky, we all know that sometimes you may feel that you are doing everything you can to lose weight and nothing is happening.

This could be a plateau, or it could be your body adapting to your new lifestyle, all you need to know is that it’s OK.

Everyone who has ever lost weight and still maintains it can assure you that it is normal to not see results, just keep doing what you are doing.

We all love to see results as soon as possible, but when you don’t see results or if you, in fact, gain weight, keep on going, like I mentioned before if you can make eating healthily a lifestyle, you’ll feel much better when you don’t see results.

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Luke is a former nutritionist and now health and fitness freelance writer who strives to help people with problems related to health, his message will always be honest. You can find him at

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