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Planes, trains, and automobiles are no excuses to avoid exercise…

Whether you’re jet setting on a private getaway, shuffling through airplane aisles on business, or gassing up the tank for a road trip, there are plenty of ways to work out despite the toll of travel.

Before we begin, you gotta ditch the notion that you need a gym.

Repeat after me: I don’t need a gym to get a great workout in.

No, seriously. I can’t hear you. Say it loud… a few times.

You need to kick that gym addiction now and stop using it as an excuse when the road comes calling.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Instead, take the technology of 2018, add a pinch of the fitness industry’s most portable pieces, toss in a little creativity, and I assure you, you’ll be able to knock out a solid workout anytime and anywhere.

Here are my favorite ways to work out while on the road:


Take a TRX: If I had only one piece of equipment to invest in, I’d go with the TRX. The bright yellow suspension trainer you’ve seen hanging from gym ceilings across the country is light, portable, dynamic, and affordable. While that all makes sense for our purposes, it beats out travel companions like resistance bands thanks to the laundry list of challenging, unique, and borderline obscure exercises you can do.

Take those black and yellow straps and use a door, tree, swingset, or pull-up bar as your anchor point; as long as it’s taller than you, you’re good to go. Once anchored, consider your suspension trainer a cutting-edge fitness facility where you can curl, press, squat, lunge, crunch, stretch, rotate, and more. And by moving closer or further from your anchor point, you can easily increase and decrease resistance (no iron needed).

body weight exercise

Don’t Sleep On Bodyweight Workouts: When it comes to bodyweight exercise, squats, lunges, and push-ups are the place to start. In fact, these three timeless staples make the perfect total body circuit to crush a few calories without any equipment or extra space. While they aren’t the sexiest of moves, they’ve withstood the test of time for a reason.

No need for the classics? Alright, let me upgrade ya. There’s plenty of ways to add a modern twist and increased intensity to the OG’s of exercise. Trade the standard squat for single-leg squats and jump squats. Swap reverse lunges with lunge hops and one of my favorite under-the-radar exercises, multiplanar lunges. As for the push ups, try tossing your legs up on a chair or bed and watch how much harder it is to push off the floor with your feet flying high. Oh, and even athletes can benefit from bodyweight by focusing on fast-twitch muscle fibers with plyo push ups.

streaming workouts

Start Streaming: While you can piece together a handful of circuits using the suggestions above, how does a stocked library of on-demand routines at your fingertips sound? Sure, you’ll need equipment for some, but nothing that that cozy hotel fitness center doesn’t have. And there’s plenty of options that don’t require a thing.

This is where technology delivers enormous value. Grab your computer, tablet, or phone and start streaming workouts, Yes, the technology that made Netflix a pop culture darling has emerged in the fitness industry and it’s right at FORTE. Word to the wise: If you can binge, you can sweat!

Your move, road warriors.

P.S. Want to create your own home gym? Travel is tough. When you sink into the couch after days on the road, even a 5-minute commute feels like a daunting journey to Timbuktu. So, why not transform your home into a fitness center? Here’s an easy and affordable blueprint for designing your own home gym.

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Clay Manley is a word nerd with a fitness background. A Certified Personal Trainer who took his talents to the keyboard. You can give him a shout and find more of his work here.

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