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So you want to work out from home, huh?

No commute. No membership. No lines. No worries.

I get it.

In fact, I’m a fan. I’ve been bouncing between burpees by the couch and barbells at big box clubs for years now, and there are benefits to both.

My guess is you want your digs to double as a home gym to eliminate excuses and make exercise easy peasy. As a fitness professional, I don’t blame you one bit. You have to do what works for you, and exercising from the comforts of your own abode might be just what you need to commit to fit and reach your goals.

Here’s the good news: Not only is furnishing your home gym feasible regardless of the square footage you have (or don’t have), it’s also far more affordable than you think.

The name of the game is maximizing space and I’ve got a handful of discreet options that will give you your daily workout fix without tearing down walls or “re-arranging.”

Here are your home gym essentials:

Jump Rope: Craving a little cardio? No treadmill, no problem. Go hard with the jump rope for just 60 seconds and try to tell me that’s not cardio. Now that you’ve experienced the rope’s heart-thumping power, there’s full-body, calorie-crushing workouts all over the internet that only use a jump rope. It’s a dynamic, portable tool, requiring minimal space. Thus, it checks all the boxes when it comes to at-home exercise.

Sandbag: The instability of a sandbag adds an extra challenge that you won’t get with standard dumbbells, and at a fraction of the weight and cost (I know, I know; I”m bagging on dumbbells… again. Hear me out). You can pop on the ground and grab your bag for some killer core work or you can stay standing and emulate barbell movements with sand. You can even get creative and take plyometrics to another level with this bad boy. The sandbag cements its spot on this list thanks to its longevity. As you get good with the sand, you can easily add more to keep upping the intensity of your routine.

Kettlebell: Dumbbells get real expensive, real quick. Instead of investing in a pair of DB’s to get your dose of iron, grab yourself a kettlebell. From sumo squats and swings, to single-arm curls and presses, you’ll have all the resistance you need with a KB. Sure, you’re committed to one weight, but if you choose your weight wisely and mix up your circuits, sets, and reps, that will be a non-issue.

Resistance Bands: I’m a big band buff. While their slender build may not look the part, resistance bands are versatile options that pack a knockout punch of benefits. As you would with weights, you’ll want to invest in a few resistances (the width of the tube dictates this), so you can increase and decrease the load as you see fit. Plus, they won’t disturb the neighbors, they won’t damage your home, and you can literally take them anywhere.

Streaming Service: Here’s the deal: Streaming gives you an in-home trainer, proven programs to follow, and a little extra energy from your peers as you hop in a class without heading out the door. Oh, and did I mention class starts whenever you’d like? That’s the power of pressing play via streaming services. Bonus points for the quality of classes and high-level instruction you can stream via FORTË. The future of fitness is here and it’s on-freakin’-demand.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to transform your home into the fitness facility of your dreams.

P.S. What’s the point of a home gym if it’s always empty? As you architect your home gym, be sure you’re setting achievable fitness goals. Here’s my 3-step blueprint for setting great goals that you will achieve this year. I even included my own plan so you can help hold me accountable :). Cheers to 2018!

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Clay Manley is a word nerd with a fitness background. A Certified Personal Trainer who took his talents to the keyboard. You can give him a shout and find more of his work here.

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