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Everyone needs a little inspiration, right?

That’s exactly what fitspiration provides, especially in this age of social media. Now, more than ever, people from all across the globe are sharing online fitness-related success stories, words of encouragement, workout tips, and other stay-healthy advice.

Many fitness experts believe that fitspiration can inspire people across the world through photos and captions. This ABC article on fitspiration proves as much, with Booty Barre workout creator Tracey Mallett and bodybuilding champion Ingrid Romero among the many who view fitspiration in a positive light. Mallett told the news site “Instagram is wonderful, you’ve got that nice little caption that you can put next to it, and those words say a million words.”

Fitspiration Gets Some Star Power

Celebrities are getting into the fitspiration act, too. More and more athletes, actors, singers, and pop culture idols are using their popularity and social media presence to inspire followers to get fit and be healthy.

Celebrity women, in particular, are upping the ante, as many of them have started using their star power in combination with social media to spread a message of fitness and good health. Some of these celebrities regularly post pictures of their own health journeys with a health tip or two, a motivational quote, or fitness-related words of wisdom. Some of them even post workout photos and videos, while others share diet tips and recipes of healthy treats.

Fitness from the Stars

For a bit of fitspiration, women — or anyone for that matter — can turn to Lea Michele, known for her role as Rachel Berry in Glee; Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, a fitness expert; and Gal Gadot, who plays the latest movie incarnation of Wonder Woman.

Lea Michele: Gleefuly Healthy

This former Broadway actress and recording star is not just a world-class performance artists, she is also a fitness buff. In an interview with, the former Glee star details how she keeps herself trim, toned, and healthy: by sticking to a vegan diet and staying active. The 30-year-old actress-singer talked about how she loves hot yoga, hiking, and how she is a regular in SoulCycle sessions. Her philosophy is: “You have to look good, but you also have to feel good.”

Hilaria Baldwin: The Yoga Master

Hilaria Baldwin is a highly respected fitness, wellness, and fashion expert who happens to be the co-founder of the renowned yoga studio Yoga Vida. Baldwin has achieved global fame through posting photos of herself doing yoga poses in unusual situations on her Instagram page. Speaking to InStyle, Baldwin spoke of how she uses social media to define herself rather than letting others do it for her.

Gal Gadot: Real-life Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot’s star power has gradually got brighter and brighter in recent years, before finally going supernova in 2017 with the release of Wonder Woman. Gadot’s first solo superhero outing was a smash hit, grossing upwards of $800 million worldwide, according to Forbes. The film’s success has naturally stirred more interest in the Amazing Amazon, with everything from action figures to T-shirts to posters being lapped up by fans. The character has a long history and there have been several games based on the different incarnations of Themyscira’s Champion. The Slingo mobile slot game Wonder Woman Gold, offers a bit of nostalgia for fans of the franchise, as it harkens all the way back to the 1975 Lynda Carter version of Wonder Woman. As the game shows, the character has a long history of inspiring fans. With the character’s online presence increasing alongside the current cinematic version, more people will be motivated to find out more about Wonder Woman and be inspired by her

Unsurprisingly, Gadot has become an A-list celebrity, with over 11 million followers on her official Instagram account. Through her account, which the Insider describes as “surprisingly normal.”. Gadot shows her fans that the real-life Wonder Woman is actually a wonder woman in real life.

Geryca Bolo is a fitness instructor in her hometown of Bulacan in the Philippines. She is a proponent of fitspiration, avidly following the IG accounts of various celebrities and fitness experts. Follow her on Instagram.

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