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There are wrong ways to eat right. Let that tongue twister sink in for a sec. Since that statement may sound subjective, allow me to elaborate. Many of the diets-on-diets-on-diets floating around the internet do a great job of restricting or eliminating empty calories and unhealthy eats which ultimately leads to weight loss, fat loss, and maybe even the outline of an ab or two, but the vast majority of them are unsustainable, temporary solutions that are far too restrictive and often flirt with being unsafe (you can do your own research here). Or, as I like to put it, they are the wrong ways to eat right. Get it? Got it. Good!

Rather than starving your way to short-term success, here are a few of my favorites techniques to clean up your nutrition without going all-in on the dreaded d-word, a diet.

Stop Pouring On The Pounds: Hands down the best way to begin building healthy habits is to audit what you’re drinking. Per research published by PubMed, “as the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages has increased, so has obesity.”

Coke Soda Nutrition

Here’s some food for thought: A can of Coke has more sugar than a Kit Kat bar, which is one of many examples showing the similarities of soda and candy. Soda is straight up swimming with sugar, so give the bubbly beverages a break and go with water.

Pro-tip: Start slow. If you’re drinking two cans per day, drop to one can a day over the course of a week. As your body adjusts, continue to lower your intake until its an afterthought.


Turn One Meal Into Two: Regardless of what I tell you, you’re going to order that entree. You’re at your numero uno establishment, and you always get the medium rare, mouthwatering prime rib. Don’t hold off on my account… do your thing, big guy. But this time, as you’re devouring your cut, split that hunk of meat in half and take one side to go. Fewer calories equal more weight loss (#science), and you just had a super satisfying dish while dropping major kcals. It’s a win-win that also saves you some cash on tomorrow’s dinner.

Avoid Appetizers: It may be hard to hear, but you don’t need ‘em. How often do you fill up on the chips, bread, or calamari, before the main course even arrives? Unless it’s salad or fruit, pass on the appetizer. Save yourself the calories (we established the science behind this earlier), and give all your attention to the main event.

Appetizers Bread

Our friends at WebMD talked good and bad appetizers here, and even included the calorie counts on each. Spoiler Alert: You’ll never order an onion blossom again.

Start Sweating: Another way to cut calories? Burn those bad boys. HIIT a caloric deficit with some serious sweat equity. Hour-long classes can burn up to several hundred calories, and you can continue to melt kcals long after your workout is done thanks to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption – a fancy term that boils down to your body continuing to crush calories based on the intensity of your gym sesh. Ready to start sweating? Press play on FORTË and get after it.  

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Clay Manley is a word nerd with a fitness background. A Certified Personal Trainer who took his talents to the keyboard. You can give him a shout and find more of his work here.

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