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Scale addiction is an epidemic. That bathroom scale may be ultra-convenient (and seemingly begging you to step on every morning), but it’s often misleading, discouraging, and downright depressing. Our bodyweight fluctuates frequently each and every day (our friends at LiveStrong say 2 – 4 pounds on average), and there are a laundry list of influences — water retention, late night binges, hormones, etc. — that the device simply cannot recognize.  

Rather than surrendering to frustration and giving up on your goals, replace the digital number with a different dose of measurements.  The following methods are effective ways to gather results and kick your addiction. So long, scale!   

Measure Your Body Fat: Real talk; Not all pounds are created equal. In fact, that scary o-word, obesity, mean an excess of body fat. Your weight isn’t even factored in. Thus, you could be at risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, and not even know it due to your reliance on the scale.

The best part about body fat? While you can often temporarily drop pounds with restrictive diets and other unsafe practices, significant changes to body fat typically require a “treatment plan” of proper nutrition, cardio, and resistance training (music to the ears of fitness professionals like myself). From calipers to Bod Pod’s, there are plenty of ways to ensure your blasting body fat (some more accurate than others), and you can start melting fat from home by pressing play on a few of your favorite FORTË workouts.  

Take Note Of Your Clothes: Sure, I get it. Checking out how your clothes fit isn’t the sexiest way to measure results… but it’s pretty freakin’ accurate. If you’re doing things right, slimmer jeans and tighter tops are in short order (there’s nothing wrong with a little humble brag by way of slim fit shirts as your body transforms).

Celebrate the small successes because they lead to big changes; embrace saggy pants, love your loose jewelry, and enjoy the extra breathing room in your clothes. All of these things are more telling results than your twice-daily weigh in.

Before & After Pictures: Is your selfie game strong? If not, it’s time to start snapping full-body selfies. You see yourself every day, so it’s nearly impossible to identify immediate changes. Instead, take progress photos every 4 – 8 weeks to witness your hard work paying off.

Nothing’s more rewarding than scrolling through your camera roll and spotting new muscles, a tighter tummy, and total-body toning. I’ll take visible results over a suspect number on the scale any day.

Step Up Your Sweat: How are your workouts going? Are you kicking up the intensity? Are difficult moves becoming easier? Are you conquering classes you used to struggle through? The euphoria of exercise is real, and measuring your progress and energy throughout your workouts is a great way to identify results.

Take note of how you feel during classes, count your reps and increase them as often as possible, upgrade your intensity every chance you get (a heart rate monitor can be very helpful for this), and boost the weights to maximize muscle. If you’re doing these things, your workouts are — dare I say it — working. Here are a few of my favorite fitness classes, all available to stream on FORTË , to get you started.  

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