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Cindy: Hi, I’m Cindy from Cindy Lai Fitness, and I’m excited to bring you today, with FORTË, my “Total Body Tabata Shred.” I’m a personal trainer and group fitness instructor and I love being able to bring you short workouts and help you get more done in less time.

FORTË: Why did you decide to join FORTË?

Cindy: I was really excited for the opportunity to join FORTË because it allows me to reach a mass audience, not only nationally, but worldwide and anybody can work out with me, or with any of the other instructors. All they need to do is just go on to FORTË and find the workouts that they’re looking for.

FORTË: Amazing. What is your health and wellness philosophy?

Cindy: So, I’m all about overall balance. So anything you do it’s ‘everything in moderation’ and it’s all about ‘being healthy as a lifestyle’. I’m not into, you know, severe diets, severe restrictions, or over training. So as long as you adopt a healthy mindset overall in everything you do, mind, body, and soul, that’s the most important thing.

FORTË: What does your class “TOTAL BODY TABATA SHRED” entail?

Cindy: So, as I was mentioning before, these days a lot of people don’t have time for an hour. And it does not mean that you can not get anything done, in a few minutes, ten minutes, 15 minutes, 12 minutes! So today, my full class will be actually 12 minutes of the actual working out, not including warm-up, demo, and the cool down, but you can get so much done in 12 minutes and Tabata was actually developed by a Japanese doctor, Dr. Izumi, to test out fitness levels so it also helps and maximizes fat burn, improves endurance, increases metabolism, so all of the above–check boxes all the way!

FORTË: What’s the best way to recover from these workouts?

Cindy: It’s really important after you workout to refuel, replenish, stretch, and rest. (Laughs) If you want to keep those muscles strong, and you want to keep continuing to workout and improve your fitness level, you have to do all of the above. You can’t go-go-go, you’re not a machine. You have to make sure that you take care of your body. Your body is your temple. So do what you need to do and always listen to your body. Thank You!


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